Cristian Cutricichi

Hello beautiful soul, welcome to my page and most importantly thank you for taking the time to look at my profile

Dancing for me is a way of expressing my aliveness, creativity and uniqueness . Allowing the body to surrender and flow, doing its own movements and not being constricted by the limitations of the mind can be one of the most amazing experiences that life can offer, so obvious but in the same time so unfamiliar to many as we got disconnected from our body, from our five senses that we forgot the small things in life that makes us happy.

Dancing is the celebration of life, the moment when the sun is rising over the ocean beginning to start the dance with the water in all its beauty and splendor, the moment the sun sets and says good bye but not before making its last dance showing  its elegance and uniqueness, dancing is the art of lovemaking between a man and a woman,fire and water,tiger and dragon,passion and compassion,dancing is the contrast between dark and light,between the masculine and feminine, white and black and all the contrast and shades in an infinite possibility of this duality.  Dancing is movement, dancing is life, dancing is flow, dancing is completeness and everything that we see in the nature interconnected through webs of energy synchronizing in complete harmony. The sun doesn’t pretend to be the moon, the tree doesn’t pretend to be a rock so I invite you to surrender to your dance, to open your senses and be yourself with your uniqueness and take  the courage to dive deep into your intuition and tune in  your heartbeat and listen to its story.

Our ancestors used to dance so the rain would water their crops, for the sun to shine, they danced as an offering to receive favors from the  Gods, are all these folk stories or there is something deeper in this shamanic trance dance?

About Cristian:

Born in Romania, he traveled to London during his early teens as he felt the calling to this type of work from a very young age and realised that the best place to advance himself was in the UK.

With strength and endurance as his assets, he took very quickly to body work. multiple massage therapies, Kambo, Reiki, Tai Chi,Chi Kung and shamanic trance dance.​

Currently, Cristian is expanding into Taoist practices and deeper levels of energy work that has enhanced his current modalities and body work as he is able to understand what is going on within someone’s body and unblock areas and provide energy work where healing is needed.

Cristian, will be a life long student to the arts of healing and energy work as he is always looking to improve himself which he is able to share with others empowering them as well as himself as part of his contribution towards the global healing project.

Cristian is soon to be holding Shamanic Trance Dance Events back in his home country Romania, Stay Tuned for more info

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