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If you haven’t experienced Shamanic Trance Dance yet, then it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to a Deeply Soulful and Spiritually Energizing Dance Modality.

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Shamanic trance dance

Let me Introduce myself…. My name is Zelia, I have had the great fortune of Having Shamanic Trance Dance in my life for over 20 years, I feel extremely blessed to have benefited hugely from my own personal participation of this dance, as well as holding Shamanic Trance Dance events and training’s for others to reap the rewards. I feel humble and privileged to have witnessed how Spirit works it’s magic and the incredible transformations I have seen in participants.

So Lets Get Straight to it….
Why Is Shamanic Trance Dance So Powerful?

Because when we let go of our thoughts and outer vision, stimulated by breath, sound, rhythm and movement. We enter the flow of the life stream. We lose our ego selves. In the movement and sound we enter a space of no mind, where we can experience Spirit or God, the cosmic intelligence that flows through all things.

In this space we can receive flashes of insights answers, deep inner knowing, our intuition flows through us like a soft wind. Intuition is the voice of the Divine Creator Spirit.

In the space of pure surrender and flow we unify and spiritulize, and remember we are more than just a body, more than mind, we are a soul. The curtain of matter falls away and we understand that we are the Soul of God. The soul of all creation, eternal, yet forever changing and evolving in the Greatest Cosmic Dance on Earth.


(Please Note: Throughout this website when using the title God, Creator, Spirit, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, theses names are referring to the source of all existence, our maker and creator. We respect all the many different names used throughout the world, in all traditions, religions and cultures.)

Check Out Zelia’s Short Film About Shamanic Trance Dance
Step into the Flow and then Let it Go with Shamanic Trance Dance!

This is an embodied Dance! Find the answers you are looking for & become a better version of yourself.

‘Shamanic Trance Dance Has Ancient Roots With A Modern Twist!’

Evolving from the ancient wisdom of shamanism. Shamanic Trance Dance is a powerful and profound blindfolded dance, incorporating a dynamic blend of amazing music, spontaneous movement, energising fire breath and focused intention. This dance is designed to transport the dancer into a level of trance, in order to elevate, expand and explore oneself. In the modern world we have a tendency to be always looking outside of ourselves for the answers, believing that everyone else knows better. However the truth is, no one knows you, better than you know yourself, the true ANSWERS LIE WITHIN! It’s in the ‘Trance’ state of consciousness, felt during the dance, that reveals the answers you are looking for!

If you could ask God a question what would it be?

Try to avoid questions that are yes and no type answers. We want to expand exponentially and enter into conversation. One of the aims of Shamanic Trance Dance is to open to Divine Transmission and receive personal messages, instruction, advice, guidance or inspiration from God / Spirit. We can only receive the message if we are truly sincere in our question or inquiry, you will receive far more if your question is heart led rather than coming from a mind orientated or materialistic perspective. One of the great aspects of Shamanic Trance Dance is focusing on an intention or question at the beginning, so you can have your conversation with God!

Another aim within this Dance is to allow Spirit to expand us. To allow for things we might not have considered or perceived, or been aware of, this is what makes this dance so remarkable, because we are dancing for the hidden treasures in our Psyche. For things long forgotten in the mist of time, things that only our soul is aware of.

Things that have gotten lost because attention has been focused on survival or material gain. When we are so focused on these things. We forget that we are a soul having a human experience. The Dance Helps us remember that we are more than just our jobs, our career, a partner, a parent and so on, we are Spirit, full of creative potential and untapped gifts, talents and abilities.

The Language of the Soul is Intuition.

Intuition can be more greatly heard when the mind takes a back seat. In modern times we find it hard to let go of the thinking mind. This dance is designed for the purpose of entering a none thinking state. During the dance we distract the mind with music and movement, so that our other senses like our sense of intuition can come to the fore front and take the stage for a while.

It’s is very important to always trust what you receive from your intuition during the dance. To never doubt, no matter how far fetched it’s guidance, might be.

I’m sure you have proved to your self time and again, when something happens and you say “I new that was going to happen” or ” I new I should have done so and so” , or “I had a feeling about that “… how many times in your life does that have to keep happening before you take notice?

When we can comprehend that intuition is the voice of God/ Spirit . Then perhaps we will take it more seriously and act on the notions of intuitive feeling, of Soul Godly communication.

During the Shamanic Trance Dance we can experience this communication in different ways, Sometimes like a stream of dialogue, almost like we are talking to our selves. Sometimes as feeling, or impressions. Sometimes as images or like we are watching or a part of a movie. Or instant flashes of realization, or knowing like a big download.

Feeling Inspired? Feeling to give the dance a try?
The Shamanic Trance Dance experience is here for you to try out in the comfort of your own home, Zelia has made a comprehensive guided video, which includes the music and all necessary instructions for you to get started.
There are 3 amazing music themes to choose from! This is a great way to have a go and experience this powerful dance.
Many people who have participated in Shamanic Trance Dance, have reported that it was a profoundly powerful and amazing experience! A REAL life changer! Nicky, a participant quoted ” This is not a luxury item, It’s Essential to Life”.
Watch this video to get inspired!
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Zelia Invites You To Join in

My mission is to create a movement inside you that is generated by love and connection to the web of life, that takes you to a place where you can answer your life questions, activate intuition and receive guidance from within, for it is within where you meet your divinity and the light of your ancient soul. When you go within you find your truth, authentic power, and purpose for this life.. continue reading..

Are you ready to DANCE ? To Look Within? To open to the voice of your heart and inner vision to receive clarity and insight.To listen to your inner wisdom that’s waiting to guide your foot steps, all bringing healing, empowerment, beauty and magic into your life!


Shamanic Trance Dance Takes You On A Powerful Inner Journey of Discovery…


Would you like to Dive Deeper into Shamanic Trance Dance, Get back to Earth and be in Nature?

Shamanic Trance Dance and re-establish the connection with the voice of your heart, remember the wisdom within your soul, energize your spirit, and feel the earth beneath your feet!

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