Frank Natale – Tribute

“Through Trance Dancing we alter our consciousness and enter non-ordinary reality or what I call ‘the World of Spirit’ – that world beyond time and space where everything is possible.”– Frank Natale, Trance Dance, The Dance of Life

Shamanic Trance Dance goes back many thousands of years and is seen in various forms in many different cultures around the world, we can still see its aliveness today in Native American, African and Aboriginal cultures to name a few. Animistic and nature orientated cultures used dance and rhythm as a way to access a trance state of consciousness as a way to connect with the authentic self and discover the multi dimensional aspects of who we.

This page is dedicated to Frank Natale who pioneered Trance Dance in the 1980’s, Frank Natale was a remarkable man who brought this ancient form of Dance and Trance into a context that is accessible to the modern world, he developed the main techniques we use in all our Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual events, that assist participants in letting go of linear time and space, enabling them to easily enter ‘non ordinary reality’ or ‘trance states’.

Frank Natale was born in New York with Italian ancestry, he was a gifted teacher, author and musician, in the 1960’s and 1970’s he drew inspiration from his teachers including Charles Dederich, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls, Baba Muktananda, J. Krishnamurti and Buckminster Fuller. In 1967 Frank co-founded Phoenix House in New York, which became the largest residential treatment facility for chemical dependency in the United States. He later went on to found and become creative director of Frank Natale & Associates, an experiential education organization presenting seminars throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. Frank Natale teachings emphasized self-awareness, personal responsibility and choice as paths to conscious living and spiritual growth. During these years Frank Natale pioneered Trance Dance and became committed to music and dance as transformative healing forces, he developed some of the music we use in our Shamanic Trance Dance’s with his band Professor Trance and other collaborators, Frank Natale produced a body of world trance dance music including the albums Shaman’s Breath, Medicine Trance, Spirit Animal and Breath of Fire. Frank Natale dedicated his Ambient Om album to his spiritual teacher Swami Baba Muktananda.

Frank Natale passed into spirit world in Hawaii on his birthday in 2002 surrounded by family and friends.

“Love is the only constant, the only reality, and when you accept and understand that you will know it.” – Frank Natale, Relationships for Life.

I honor and give thanks for the life of Frank Natale and his incredible work, I am dedicated to the sharing of this profoundly transformational and conscious provoking Dance, and endeavor to create continuity as I continue to pass on Frank Natale teachings for the benefit of humanity and the raising of consciousness…. Zelia Pye

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