Vision Quest

Vision quest

Vision Quest

16th – 30th September 2022

The invitation …….  It’s just You .. And Mother Nature …. held in the arms of The Great Mystery!

When we sit in silence in pure nature with all distractions removed, surrounded by our heart felt prayers, we enter the stillness of the Great Mystery, and from that place we can perceive the messages, wisdom and teachings that lay hidden inside every leaf, stone, flower, tree, insect, winged ones and 4 legged’s.

Mother Nature is so full of wisdom, and is so willing to help us find the way back to ourselves, all she asks is that we become willing to surrender, and allow her to show us the way. Within the stillness we are able to hear her instruction, remember and awaken our inner ancient wisdom.

This is our birth right given to us by every living thing, which contains within it the divine spark of the Creator.

For many thousands of years before the modern world came into existence, ancient peoples, shaman, medicine men and women, would vision quest in nature for days alone with nothing but an animal skin for protection, as a way to speak with the Great  Creator Spirit of all life and receive Vision and Instruction.

Deep insight into ones personal life journey can be gained during a vision quest. The time given for contemplation can bring many revelations about a persons gifts, talents, abilities, purpose and story. Bringing the opportunity to further ones self in the realm of self-realisation and transformation.

The Vision Quest Is an opportunity to put ‘ones steps in order’.

Zelia presents the opportunity for you to vision quest in the magnificent mountains of North East Spain held on her land at a Tribal Hearts Tipi Camp.

The Duration of stay for the Vision Quest is 14 nights in total, during these days there will be 3 stages – pre-vision quest –  time for preparation, the vision quest it’s self – sitting on the mountain, and after vision quest – time to recoup and integrate your experience.

Tipi accommodation and all meals are provided during the preparation and recuperation phase. (All incuded in the price)

We work diligently, practically and spiritually  to ensure participants are given strong support and nurturing during the entire 2 weeks of our Vision Quest.

The Vision Quest is ideally a four year commitment, in order to honor and complete the full cyclical process of the Medicine Wheel and receive the full benefit of the teachings, however we understand that its hard to make that kind of commitment before completing the first year, so we advise coming to do your first year, and taking further decisions and commitment from there.

The first year is a 4 day vision quest.

The second year is a 7 day vision quest.

The third year is a 9 day vision quest.

The forth year is a 13 day vision quest.

Price £645 per vision quest for shared tipi accommodation. Non refundable deposit of £210 is required to reserve your place.

Price £695 per vision quest for single tipi accommodation. Non refundable deposit of £230 is required to reserve your place.

Prices are all inclusive of 15 nights stay, ceremonies, tipi accommodation, meals and drinks.

(Price does not include travel expenses)

Places are very limited so early booking is essential!

The Vision Quest has been designed for those who wish to go up the mountain to raise their prayers, as well as for students, who would like to further their training to work with the Sacred Tobacco and Prayer Ceremony and the Temazcal / Sweat Lodge Training.

We also welcome people who would like to come and support the powerful prayer of the Vison Quest, there is much to be accomplished, many jobs to do to make it possible for the vision questers to sit on the mountain. This is an amazing opportunity to work together as a tribe, learn new skills and live for a time in the sacred space that this prayer creates.

For those who come in support we ask only for a contribution for your food, and to bring your own tent and sleeping bag to stay in. 

contribution for 14 nights is £300

Deposit to reserve your place – £100


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