The Dance Ritual

Shamanic Trance Dance has evolved from the ancient wisdom and practices of our ancestors, practicing developed pioneering techniques that are accessible to the modern world….

Ritual workshops

The Ritual Process:

The dance is held in a pre-prepared sacred space. In the beginning there is an introduction about shamanic trance dance and the elements involved.

There is then a short break to prepare.
Following, the music plays and the ‘dance’ begins! typically the dance lasts for about 1 hours, after which time is given for integration, and coming back from the journey.
The ritual will slowly draw to a close and the guide will conclude the session.

The music is specially formulated for this kind of soul journey, and is generally ambient, tribal and rhythmic, with added live percussion to enhance the senses.

The whole process is typically 3 hours duration.

See Ritual Events  for coming Shamanic Trance Dance Rituals.

Shamanic Trance Dance School

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