A Deliciously Deep And Mystical Dance, For All Adventurous Dance Lovers!

‘Shamanic Trance Dance Is The Shamanism for Our Time, With Ancient Roots and a Modern Twist!
Enabling Us To ‘See’ Who We Are, Where We Are Going, and Who We Are Becoming!’

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Come and DANCE! …. And Reveal The Treasures of your Body Wisdom, Soul Remembrance & Spirit Intelligence!

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Evolving from the ancient wisdom of shamanism, Shamanic Trance Dance is a powerful and profound blindfolded dance. Incorporating a dynamic blend of natural and spontaneous movement, percussive rhythms, healing sounds, energising fire breath and focused intention.

The rewards of taking part are, an expansion of consciousness, the ability to gain perspective, clarity and deep insight. Experience spirit as an intelligent life force, find your own answers, heal and transform issues and blockages. Receive revelations and realisations, open up inner worlds and discover the true nature of your being, and your ability to become an effective, positive creator of your own life and reality.


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So many people who have participated in Shamanic Trance Dance, have reported that it was a profoundly powerful and amazing experience! Even a life changer! 
The Dance takes us beyond our limitations ….to a place where…. Everything is Possible! 
Shamanic trance dance

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Zelia Introduces Shamanic Trance Dance

My mission is to create a movement that is generated by love and connection to spirit, that takes us to a place where we can answer our questions, activate intuition and receive guidance from within, for it is within where we meet our divinity and the light of our ancient soul. When we go within we find our truth, authentic power, and purpose for this life.. continue reading..

What is Shamanic Trance Dance all about?

Shamanic Trance Dance Rituals are held in a sacred space, accompanied by the sounds of dynamic tribal rhythms, world music, ambient nature sounds, and the beat of the drum. Along with a few other magical techniques that help you to ‘let go’ and journey into the Dream Time Mystery. 

Shamanic trance dance takes us on powerful inner journey of discovery…

Shamanic trance dance

Shamanic trance dance applies effective ancient and innovative techniques that naturally and safely moves one into a ‘trance’ state of consciousness, where it becomes possible to enter the mysterious hidden world of spirit, to discover visions, guidance, wisdom, healing, empowerment, beauty and magic!

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The roots of shamanic trance dance echo back to our distant past, to a time when humanity saw life through animistic eyes, and lived and worked in harmony with the land, honoured the earth and thrived on traditional medicine and the ways of shamanism.

Shamanic trance dance

Imagine ancient ancestors ceremonially dancing in the dark of night around the sacred Fire, with the intention to perceive the world of spirit, dance for visions, lift up their prayers to the Great Spirit and make contact with their power animals and spirit guides to seek guidance on their pathway ahead.

Shamans and ancient people used ‘trance’ induced by the rhythm of shamanic drumming, or repetitive chanting and clapping to enter these inner hidden realms of ‘Spirit’, That dwell within Great Mystery known as the ‘Dreamtime.’

Shamanic trance dance

The ‘dream time’ or ‘Other world’ as is also sometimes know, is a multidimensional world that can only really be perceived from within, where in exists everything and nothing simultaneously, where every question and answer lives, it’s the place where our dreams and visions are revealed.

Through the Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual you can journey to this place to find your own answers to important life questions. In the modern world we have a tendency to be always looking outside of ourselves for the answers, believing that everyone else knows better.

However the truth is the ANSWERS LIE WITHIN!

Are you ready to DANCE with us?

To Look Within?

To receive your own answers, wisdom and revelations?

Are you ready to find your own clarity and insights, to listen to the spirit of your intuition that’s waiting to guide your foot steps?

shamanic trance dance

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Would you like to Dive Deeper into the Shamanic Trance Dance experience? Get back to the earth and be in nature?

Zelia has created The Shamanic Trance Dance Training School, which offers a step by step in-depth training program and inner / healing explorations, that are held at the Shamanic Trance Dance central hub based at the Tribal Hearts Tipi Camp in Spain, which is surrounded by beautiful nature, in the mountains …see more.

‘In the course of my own journey with the shamanic trance dance ritual I have discovered and explored my heart in a deeply profound way, I have become more authentic, confident and capable of living my truth and experience a heightened sense of fulfillment and joy in my life.’ Zelia Pye.  Read Zelia’s story…..

Shamanic trance dance

Zelia and the growing international Tribe of Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians offer Shamanic Trance Dance rituals in the UK, Europe, America and Dubai.

Participate in a Shamanic Trance Dance ritual and re-establish a full connection with the voice of your heart, remember the wisdom of your soul and feel the earth beneath your feet! continue ….

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