Come and DANCE! ….Explore Yourself in a New and Expansive Way….
Is this your Inside Story …… Can you Relate?

Before Jo started Shamanic Trance Dancing her life was not evolving, she felt stuck in a rut, like something was missing. she was not reaching her full potential and felt unfulfilled, she was stuck on the treadmill and despite loving her family and friends she found herself thinking, there must be more to life? On reflection she was in fact bored and disenchanted with life……..Does this sound familiar or ring true?

Have you considered trying something completely new and different to get you outside the box?

How would your life look, if you did something that could help you expand your horizons and perspective, enabling you so see life in a new and different way? What if you could easily do something, that could help you grow and become a better version of yourself, something that would enable you to see and find the answers you are looking for.

Jo’s shares her NEW Life Story… By Shamanic Trance Dancing regularly my life has completely opened up in a whole new way, that i could never have imagined possible, I have reconnected with my joy and the things I love, some of these things I had completely forgotten about and the dance helped me remember. Trance dance has given me a whole new perceptive about myself, my life, my purpose, my abilities and strengths. It’s helped me find the answers I have been looking for for years, and given me a whole new appreciation and excitement for life, I can clearly see how much I have grown as a person and how much my life has transformed through this amazing dance practice.

This could be your NEW Inside story……. Are you prepared to give it a go?
Shamanic Trance Dancing holds the keys and unlocks the door to what your looking for…..Elevating you form mundane ordinary reality into an extraordinary magical life and way of seeing.
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NEW Moon Shamanic Trance Dance – 23rd November 2022
7pm UK time – 20.00 CET

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With Zelia In The Magical Mother Ship Tipi

After you make your purchase you will receive a link via email that will take you to the dance. We encourage you to participate on the day and time of the event when Zelia will be holding space and dancing with you, However if you can’ t come to the event time; you can enjoy the dance at a time that suits you better. The Link will stay active for 7 day’s after your purchase. (The event has been prerecorded Live, is raw and unedited, owing to the instability of the internet in the mountains Zelia is presenting the dance in this way.)

Special Discount Price £13

Once you have Purchased your moon dance please check your inbox / spam for the link.

(A very worth while investment for yourself)

Shamanic Trance Dance is…. The beat of the drum…..The firing arrow of intention…The breath of fire…..The spirit of dance …..Under the Cover of Darkness. All Inviting you to enter your magical inner world in order to ‘see,’ feel, remember, know and grow. Revealing the hidden treasures of your body wisdom, soul remembrance & spirit intelligence bringing you into awareness, harmony and balance with yourselves and the rhythm of life.

Journey with the Ancient and Wise, Archetypal 13 Clan Mother’s through each Moon cycle throughout the year. Discover their ancient wisdom that reconnects us back to our source and the cycles of truth. Develop yourself by tuning into the Moon and her passages of time….

This month we are dancing with Gives Praise
This will be a profound and magical journey as we Shamanic Trance Dance twice a month with Zelia on the New Moon and Full Moon.
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23rd November 2022
Event Duration will be around 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Special Discount Price: £13

After you sign up you will receive the link via email that will take you to the dance, please check your inbox / spam for the link. The Link will continue to stay active for 7 day’s after purchase.

After meeting Gives Praise, on the New Moon we will have the opportunity continue to work and go much deeper with her on the Full Moon.
FULL MOON SHAMANIC TRANCE DANCE: 8th December 2022 – 7pm UK time 20.00 CET

During The Shamanic Trance Dance 13 Clan Mother Moon Dance Zelia Will:
  • Introduce and share the wisdom of the Clan Mother of the Month and explain the elements and techniques involved.
  • Give guidance and instruction for the process.
  • Provide an amazing music journey for you to participate in the Shamanic Trance Dance in the comfort of your own home.
  • Conclude the process after the dance.
To participate you will need:

An internet connection.

Video / Music playing device – laptop, phone or tablet. that can be plugged into a sound system or headphones.

A bandana / eye mask (if you don’t have one you can use a scarf, or buy a Shamanic Trance Dance bandana in our shop that has been designed especially for this dance). 

A private space to dance on a rug, mat, sheepskin or in a circle of cushions. Make sure all furniture or objects in the room, are at a safe distance away from your dance space for safety, as you will be wearing a bandana while dancing. Note: you do not need a large space to dance, just big enough to comfortably move around on one spot.

Important: Please make sure you will not be disturbed by other people during the entire event.

Cushions to put in front of objects that you could potentially bump into.

A blanket at hand for extra warmth.

Shamanic Trance Dance – 13 Clan Mother Moon Ceremony – Dates for your Diary 2022:

Talks With Relations: NEW MOON 2nd Jan – FULL MOON 18th Jan

Wisdom Keeper: NEW MOON 1st Feb – FULL MOON 16th Feb

Weights The Truth: NEW MOON 2nd MARCH – FULL MOON 18th March

Looks Far Woman: NEW MOON 1st April – FULL MOON 16th April

Listening Woman: NEW MOON 30th April – FULL MOON 16th May

Storyteller: NEW MOON 30th May – FULL MOON 14th June

Loves All Things: NEW MOON 29th June – FULL MOON 13th July

She Who Heals: NEW MOON 28th July – FULL MOON 12th August

Setting Sun Woman: NEW MOON 27th August – FULL MOON 10th September

Weaves The Web: NEW MOON 25th September – FULL MOON 9th October

Walks Tall Woman: NEW MOON 25th October – FULL MOON 8th November

Gives Praise: NEW MOON 23rd November – FULL MOON 8th December

Becomes Her Vision: The 13th Clan Mother Christmas Special 28th December.


Choose your personal Shamanic Trance Dance journey with Zelia’s unique selection of video’s with different music themes.

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