Shamanic Trance Dance ONLINE ANY TIME! – with Zelia

Here is your opportunity to experience

Shamanic Trance Dance

wherever you live in the world

In the comfort of your own home!

At a time frame to suit you!

Shamanic Trance Dance with Zelia Now…..In The Magical Mother Ship Tipi ONLINE!

Shamanic Trance Dance is your opportunity to dive deep within, to reveal the incredible jewels, hidden treasure and pearls of wisdom that lay waiting for your discovery.

This powerful dance takes you into your sacred presence within, where it becomes possible to connect with your inner wisdom, all life and all possibility’s in the universe. During the dance you can receive answers, guidance, insight, healing, transformation, self-realisation and revelation.

Cease looking outside of yourself for the answers, you have everything you need to know within. Choose to become sovereign, to be your own governor and make choices about how you live, based on our own personal truth, values and integrity.

The Shamanic Trance dance empowers you to become an active conscious creator of your life reality, dancing beyond self imposed limitations into a new field of attraction, where everything is possible.

Dance with your guide Zelia, to hear the voice of your soul, that is carrying all the messages to help you remember…

Who you are Why you are HERE And how to be the best you can BE!


Choose your personal Shamanic Trance Dance journey with Zelia’s unique selection of video’s with different music themes.

Everything for your Shamanic Trance Dance experience  is prepared for you, all you need to do is prepare your space, grab a bandana and we can begin!

You have 3 Shamanic Trance Dance music journeys to choose from:


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During The Shamanic Trance Dance Experience Zelia Will:

  • Give an introduction explaining the elements and techniques.
  • Give guidance and instruction for the process.
  • Provide the music journey for you to participate in the Shamanic Trance Dance, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Conclude the process after the dance.

To participate you will need:

  • An internet connection.
  • Video / Music playing device – laptop, phone or tablet. that can be plugged into a sound system or headphones.
  • A bandana / eye mask (if you don’t have one you can use a scarf, or buy a Shamanic Trance Dance bandana in our shop that has been designed especially for this dance). Click Here to view / buy bandana
  • A private space to dance on a rug, mat or sheepskin. Make sure all furniture or objects in the room, are at a safe distance away from your dance space for safety, as you will be wearing a bandana while dancing. Note: you do not need a large space to dance, just big enough to comfortably move around on one spot.
  • Important: Please make sure you will not be disturbed by other people during the entire event.
  • Cushions to put in front of objects, that you could potentially bump into.
  • A blanket at hand for extra warmth.


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