About Soul Hunting

Soul Hunting is a profoundly powerful ritual with energetic components, that create the conditions for participants to heal and deal with shock and trauma. Most people to a greater or lesser degree, have all experienced trauma.

Trauma that occurred in the past or in recent time, is very often a principle key as to why we are suffering, either from ill health, emotional / mental problems, depression, stress, unhappiness, apathy, discontentment, the list goes on….there are many symptoms that we can experience, due to experiencing a trauma of some kind, which has not been healed or dealt with appropriately, hence why the psyche is still affected and producing negative symptoms.

When we experience trauma such as an illness, an accident, a death of someone close, divorce or relationship break up, physical / emotional /mental abuse, serious conflict, a massive shock, (again the list goes on), very often the traumatic situation that occurs causes us to lose a piece of our soul. People who have suffered trauma often report a feeling that something inside them is missing.

In the last century psychology has attempted to deal with the issue of trauma, however the long term success rate, when used alone is questionable. Talking about it, can be helpful on one level, however when we are dealing with the condition of our soul, other methods are also required. In order to successfully heal and find the soul parts that have been lost, it is necessary to work at the level of the energetic.

Soul Hunting is a very powerful ancient healing modality, that enables participants to find and bring back the lost soul parts in an empowered state of mind. This healing method has survived the ages, being passed down from one generation to the next because of its effectiveness.

The Soul Hunting ritual has evolved from Soul Retrieval. The Soul Hunting step up in evolution invites the participant to actively participate in the process of their own healing, through willingness to actively participate, the experience becomes extremely powerful. Understanding and integration of the returned soul pieces happens at a deeper level. The long term rewards and self empowerment that’s possible to reap is profound, because the work was been personally achieved. It is not self serving to have someone do all the work for us, this act puts our personal power in the hands of another and we give our power away, which ties into how we lost our soul in the first place.

Ultimately true long lasting healing happens when we take personal responsibility. By playing an active role we are able to face fears lurking in the unconscious mind. In that way we can also move on from the past, and begin creating our lives from a conscious place, rather than an unconscious place that’s based on reaction, negative behaviors and victim mentality. By finding the lost pieces of our soul we are able to consciously begin creating a reality that is purpose led and in harmony with our heart and soul desire.

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