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Restoring Health, Harmony, Balance and Wholeness.


Zelia works one to one, holistically and intuitively using ancient shamanic healing arts to bring about healing, helping her clients to transform negative problems into positive solutions.

Methods include: Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Energy Balancing, Shamanic Journeying and Counselling. Extraction, Divination, Cord Cutting, Ancestral Healing and Destiny Retrieval.

Zelia recomends a free Skype consultation to discuss your particular problem, so that she can tune into what you need, and from there ‘see’ the best way forward for your healing process to begin.

Zelia can design a healing package specifically tailored for you.

Or you can choose one of her full day healing intensives.

Full Day Healing Intensive:

Soul Retrieval:

One full day intensive focused on healing trauma,the past and deep wounds, Includes: Energy Balancing / Healing and Extraction, Power Retrieval, Soul Retrieval and Soul Maintenance.

Soul Purpose:

One full day intensive focused on aligning the individual with their soul purpose. The process involves transforming fate (karma) into destiny (purpose). Includes: Destiny / Soul Purpose Retrieval, Tracking Time Lines, (looking for patterns in our recorded history), Clearing Karmic Lines from former lifetimes.


Distant Healing:

Zelia’s distant healing service is carried out mainly though meditation, and tuning into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy of the client, their higher self and guides.

Sessions include: Distant healing, energy balancing, chakra diagnosis and an intuitive report.
Prior to the arranged time of work, Zelia will discuss with you the focus of the healing work to be carried out.

Distant healing is 3 hours duration per session.


Price for all shamanic healing work:

£37.50 per hr

Please contact Zelia to discuss your personal healing requirements.

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Soul Retrieval: Is a dynamic process of finding the missing pieces of the self that have become displaced or lost though trauma; such as abuse, accidents, illness, bereavement, stress, injury, disease, divorce, separation, personal crisis, depression, mental break down.

No amount of ‘talking’, ‘going over the past’, or ‘pills’ can fill the hole inside or bring back what is missing. Soul retrieval works at the level of energy and has energetic components enabling the missing pieces to return and wholeness re-established. This is a powerful healing process, delivering immediate positive results.

Power Retrieval: A focused inner journey to recover personal power that has been lost or given away. Disempowerment can result from a wide range of problems including; lack of confidence, low self esteem, depression, being overwhelmed by negative thought patterns, not standing up for oneself, unworthiness, allowing others to over power.

Energy Balancing: Cleans the auric field, clears blockages and negative patterns in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, re- aligns the chakras, re-establishes harmony and balance in the energy body. Signs of the body being out of balance are; tiredness, stress, ill health, skin problems, heart palpitations, panic attacks, paranoia,

Extraction: Removal of negative energy, that has come from ‘outside’ and is affecting our way of being. A simple example; hurtful words said by another which have embedded in our psyche and created dis – ease in the body.

Shamanic Journey: Enter a ‘trance’ state of mind guided by the rhythm of the drum, in order to access sub-conscious information and higher conscious awareness.

Shamanic Counselling: Sharing the truth In confidence, ‘being heard’ by empathetic and active listening, tracking the possible source of the problem or dis – ease.

Cord Cutting: Cutting the ties that bind us emotionally, mentally and energetically to another person, particularly helpful when relationships end, enabling you to let go of emotions and attachments, helps one to move on and find resolution.

Ancestral Healing: History can have a habit of repeating it-self! When personal issues are not healed and resolved within a persons life time, these issues can be past on to the next generation and become patterns that continue down the family line until the issue is dealt with. Ancestral healing Identifies the patterns and heals the issues reoccurring in the family line, through this healing the patterns are stopped from continuing.

Divination: Every leaf and stone can act as a sign post, Learn how to read the signs in nature and receive a Medicine card or Sacred Path card reading.

Destiny / Soul Purpose Retrieval: Re-connect with your true destiny and remember you soul purpose. Through the stresses of modern day living, it is easy to lose sight of the ‘bigger picture’ of our lives, and clearly see where we are going and what we are doing. We sometimes forget our greatest dreams and why we are here, in order to conform to what we think we ‘should’ do as apposed to following what our heart truly desires.

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