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“I cannot recommend the Medicine Wheel retreat highly enough. Although I work as a therapist I have not experienced such profound healing, insights and compassion over such a short period of time as I did on this retreat.
The word ‘medicine’ may be off putting to some people if they associate it with the western medical model. However this could not be further from the truth. ‘Medicine’ in this sense is about connection with your inner wisdom and the wisdom of nature. Tuning into life, not using medication to tune out of it (although there are people who may need prescribed medication in order to help them deal with distressing symptoms).
If you want to work with your difficulties and the issues that are preventing you from reaching your potential so that you can gain clarity about your own personal path with the support and containment of the wise and compassionate Zelia, attend one of her courses and she will help you to dance your dance and find your way.” Kerry, Liverpool


“Working with you Zelia has helped me to peel off some layers and begin to reveal my true self and to acknowledge and live with that truth”.Linda, Somerset


Zelia’s retreats are the most perfect setting to go within, and with the help of Zelia you can really change your life. But she doesn’t do it for you. In my experience you have to want to change, . “Zelia creates the environment and gives you the tools….. You can make it happen. And this is why the experience is so profound. My life has changed beyond recognition. “She has gently guided me to walk the path of love and to nurture my soul, which was so badly damaged. I feel whole, and I feel empowered, and I feel forever grateful to you Zelia.” Nicky, Yorkshire


“Thank you Zelia for such a lovely experience, wonderful chance to reconnect with my inner voice and innate sense of knowing.’ Dave Bristol


“I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts from the Special days spent with Zelia on a healing retreat. From the very moment that I arrived I felt such a warm welcome and was aware of the Magical place so special. The whole experience the time spent with Zelia I felt so at ease speaking with her. Such a rewarding experience, she has helped me more than I could of imagined. Zelia is very intuitive and empathy oozes from her, such a lovely calming Soul she is. “I would highly recommend her to anyone who is feels they need to find missing pieces, and feel the pull to seek Zelia’s help and guidance.”Words like ‘AMAZING’, ‘Intuitive’ and A real Soul fixer. “I now feel whole once more.” Rodger, Gloucestershire.


“My time spent with Zelia and my Soul retrieval was one of the most enlightening and powerful experiences of my life.” David, Devon


“My soul retrieval experience was amazing, something I would encourage anybody to do who wishes to commit to making changes for themselves”. Kirsty, Manchester


“My experience with Zelia, well what can I say. I don’t think any words are good enough to describe my experience with Zelia, she is a wonderful, trustworthy medicine woman. If you really feel ready to make changes in your life, and walk the path of truth and love, then this is the place to go!I have enjoyed every moment of it, intense and beautiful moments….. I think anyone from all walks of life should go on a Soul Retrieval… Thank you Zelia.” Laurence, London


“I have worked for 30 years as a Police Officer, I have raised two wonderful children, I had a beautiful intelligent partner, I had a strong body and mind, and I had all the comforts of the material world. I had developed coping strategies to deal with life’s trials and issues , I thought I was not afraid …but my heart ached and a deep anxiety ran through my core , I knew I was not living my truth, I did not trust my heart mind and intuition. Over the years I had tried mainstream therapies to help with stress related to divorce and relationship problems, but still remained trapped in a vicious circle of specific life issues.
In recent months two people who are close to me were led to Zelia and their lives have profoundly changed. My time was right in February 2013. My life was transformed through working with Zelia and her soul retrieval work.
My energy centres are balanced, my ego is in check, my heart is full of love and I am now listening to and trusting my heart, mind, intuition, senses and spirit.
I am on the right path!” Stuart, South Devon.

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