Zelia is a Shamanic Ceremonialist and Sacred Pipe Chanupa Carrier. One of her greatest joys is creating ceremony for special occasions, making sacred the poignant moments in our lives.

Humans are ritualistic by nature, however in the modern world the important moments can pass us by before we know it. In Ancient times humans took a lot more time to initiate and celebrate important life transitions. They understood that marking these moments and transitions with ceremony, brought an energetic component that aids the growth and consciousness of our total being. Bringing into balance and harmony the mind, body, soul and emotional aspects of who we are and preparing us on all these levels for what is to come.

Zelia Can hold a Ceremony for you and your loved ones at Tribal Hearts in her Mother ship Tipi or you can fly her out to your Location.


Rites of Passage / Significant Birthdays 21/ 30 / 40 / 50 /60 / 70 /80

Shamanic Wedding / Sacred Union

Baby Shower / Initiation into Motherhood and Baby Blessing

Baby Naming / The Gift of Life

Coming of Age / Initiation into Womanhood

Land / Home Blessing

Purification Inipi / Sweat Lodge

Calling for Help / Sacred Pipe Prayer Ceremony

Despacho Gratitude Ceremony

Death Rites

Prices start from £200 to £800 depending on the ceremony you require.

If you would like to meet Zelia on a video call to find out more, or arrange your special ceremony please follow the link below.

Zelia is a master at creating ceremony so if you have an ceremony in mind that’s not listed please get in touch to arrange a video call to discuss with Zelia what she can create for you.


Zelia can also provide accommodation for your ceremony on her self-sufficient farm Tribal Hearts, set in a beautiful nature location, Northern Spain.