Soul Hunt Retrieval Training

With Zelia Pye

Soul Hunting is a very powerful ancient healing modality, that enables participants to find and bring back the lost soul parts in an empowered state of mind. This healing method has survived the ages, being passed down from one generation to the next because of its effectiveness. Continue to read more about Soul hunting….

The Soul Hunting Retrieval Training, is not to be taken lightly. It is a big responsibility to hold the space and be able to do the work that is required for the depth and level of this healing work. Hence, why it is necessary to have already completed the shamanic trance dance training, advanced training and gained experience and confidence before embarking on this training.

The Soul Hunt Retrieval Training is educational, thorough, intensive, and experiential. Zelia will share her wealth of skills, knowledge and experience on all that is involved in holding and conducting the Soul Hunting Ritual.

During the training students will have the opportunity to participate in a series of initiation Soul Hunting and Shamanic Trance Dance rituals. Accompanied with the opportunity to practice, this will prepare them in readiness, to be able to fulfill their potential and responsibilities in holding Soul Hunting rituals for individuals and groups.

Profound healing and insight can be gained into ones personal ‘story’, as well as understanding the deeper context of this work and the responsibilities that are involved.

This is an experiential learning program that is educational as well as practical and will equip guides and guardians with new abilities and skills, further knowledge and understanding in order to responsibly work with and hold the Soul Hunting Ritual.

On completion of the 13 day training, certification will be awarded enabling students to begin holding the Soul Hunting Ritual for individuals, after experience has been gained and completion of 6 written case studies has been submitted for examination, students will be given authorization to hold the Soul Hunting Ritual for groups.

Location: Tribal Hearts Tipi Camp – Spain 

Price all inclusive: £1,897

Non refundable deposit: £624

There are 2 places available for a single tipi – Price for this option: £1,997  Non refundable deposit: £624

Both options include: 13 day training program, tipi accommodation, meals and drinks.
(Does not include flights and travel expenses) (participants need to bring their own sleeping bag).

Each training has a maximum of 8 places.

Early booking is essential

The Shamanic Trance Dance Training and the Shamanic Trance Dance Advanced Training is a prerequisite for the Soul Hunt Retrieval Training.

To enroll Zelia invites you to arrange a Skype, Messenger or Zoom video call with her, to give you more information, dates for this course and answer any further questions.


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