RED Incense

RED Incense


RED Incense really is amazing, a definite for all incense lovers!




I have always been a lover of really good incense, however is not always easy to find, I was so delighted when I found this incense, as it was even more amazing than a old favorite nag champa, if you love incense you will love RED, it will bring all the colours and smells of India into your room.

I use RED and FOCUS incense for my shamanic trance dance rituals, so many of my participants have commented on how lovely this incense is, and have asked me where they can buy it? so I decided to make it easy and sell it here! I absolutely love both brands that are available here in the shop, they create a beautiful spiritual atmosphere, just perfect for burning in rituals or when relaxing in the bath or meditating at home.

Check out the BARGAIN BUY!  Buy one of each for £3.50

RED Incense


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