The School

The Shamanic Trance Dance School

Shamanic trance dance

Teacher and Guide
Zelia Pye

Empowering people to empower ‘The People’

The Schools primary directive is in the service of raising human consciousness.
Bringing about self- realisation, self- empowerment and lasting transformation.

Do you feel the call to make a difference in world?
Do you wish to participate in the raising of consciousness that’s happening on our planet right now? 

Are you READY?

If your answer is YES! Click here to sign up now for the Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Gaurdian Training!

Zelia has developed the school for those who:

Shamanic trance dance~ Wish to journey deeper with the shamanic trance dance process.

~ Would like to develop their understanding of shamanism through direct experience.

~ Are looking to evolve their conscious awareness and bring about self-realisation.

~ Know it’s time to step into their power.

~ Desire to live a life that is balanced and authentic.

~ Are searching for their truth and a deeper understanding of life.

~ Need to realise their life purpose.

~ Feel the call to become a shamanic trance dance guide and guardian and offer this profound work to others.

~ Would like to embark on a professional step by step apprenticeship. 

~ Motivated to offer a valuable and powerful method of personal growth, empowerment, self realisiation and transformation to others.

Join our tribe now and become an active part of the great awakening!The Shamanic Trance Dance Training School Courses:

Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian Training

Advanced Training and Apprenticeship

Vision Quest

Online New & Full Moon Monthly Shamanic Trance Dances

Online Shamanic Trance Dance! At Home! Any Time!

FREE Online Whirling Rainbow Shamanic Trance Dance – Creating the New Earth Together!

Click on each tittle for more info

Zelia has created a beautiful sacred space at her Tribal Hearts Tipi Camp, held on twelve acres of land owned by her and husband Tom.

Their land is set within the magical and enchanting mountains in North East Spain, creating the perfect backdrop for The Shamanic Trance Dance Training  School.

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