Kalindi Jordan

Kalindi Jordan

Kalindi works with women and couples, around the healing and deepening of sexual vibrancy. Since 1993 Kalindi has been an alchemist of touch and trained in a variety of massage and body based techniques. Journeying with trauma release and long periods of time in self exploration though a variety of meditation modalities. Working with de-armouring the body and mind.

“When I did my training to become a guardian of this method to wisdom, I had such insightful visions, reflections, emotional release, let go, surrender, grace and union. I fell in love with it as a medium to find my own way, to self-empower and to fly free inside myself naturally just using everything I was born with, my body, my breath, my movement, my spirit and my interconnectedness with all. If you have a passion to use your natural resources to find you! then come and join the journey!”

Kalindi holds Shamanic Trance Dance Events in Oxford, UK and within her international retreats.

Click here for more info for Oxford

Shamanic Trance Dance at S.H.E Gathering for women


with Kalindi and The Tribe

Dates for 2020 coming soon!

Click Here to check out Kalindi’s Events at her website:   www.kalindijordan.com

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