Shamanic Trance Dance Blanket Bundle

Shamanic Trance Dance Blanket Bundle


Blanket bundle of 10 beautiful colors, extra warm, extra cosy!



The Blanket Bundle consists of 10 blankets and are primary designed for Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians to use in there rituals to cover participants in a beautiful, soft cosy, cuddly blanket. They can also be used as warm shawls, and for meditation, yoga, or snuggling in front of the fire!

The bundle comes in an array of beautiful colors and bear our logo, giving guides and guardians a professional look. especially when combined with the bandana bundle and our other logo bearing products.

These blankets really are extra cuddly and warm. To be wrapped in one is just what you need after a good Dance!

The size of the blankets are wide and long enough, to cover 1 person, or wear as a rap over the shoulder shawl.

Please note: The picture of the product is for illustration purposes, blanket bundles colors may vary.


Shamanic Trance Dance Blanket Bundle


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