Shamanic Trance Dance Notebook and Pen

Shamanic Trance Dance Notebook and Pen


Notebook and Pen Shamanic Trance Dance set! Featuring our unique logo!

Use as a journal to keep a record of your dance experiences or related notes.



This note book and pen set, can be used by both shamanic trance dance participants and guides and guardians.

This notebook and pen is a fantastic way for participants to Journal their shamanic trance dance experiences, it’s so great to keep a record and be able to look back and gain further insight. What better way to do that, than with a notebook and pen purposefully made and featuring the logo.

This notebook and pen gives guides and guardians the professional edge!.

Can be used for so many things relating to your shamanic trance dance work, whether taking notes, or gathering participants names and emails, to using the set as a professional comments book for participants to write in.

Whatever you chose to use the notebook for? You will certainly enjoy writing in it with this pen, as it writes beautifully in black ink.

Shamanic Trance Dance Notebook and Pen


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