The Tribe is Growing Again!

Today is the 24th of September 2019 and something magical is happening! Today is the first day, that 7 new Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians step out into the world, after their initiation here in Spain on the Autumn

Dance is Medicine for the Soul, Liberation for The Body, and a chance to stop thinking and just ‘BE’!

Embark on a magical inner journey of discovery, transformation, expansion, realisation, liberation, and healing….. Come and participate in Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual and see the rewards flow through your life!…. Increase confidence and self-esteem, feel invigorated, uplifted and revitalized. Find clarity and

Ho Great Spirit – Saturday 23rd April

Prayer of the Day – Saturday 23rd April Aho Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Giving thanks for the supportive nature of the universe, Giving thanks for our alignment with our soul purpose, Giving thanks for all the help, and guidance we

Welcoming New Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians!

I am very happy to welcome six new Shamanic Trance Dance guides and guardians to our growing tribe, we are reaching out far and wide as Shamanic Trance Dance steps into becoming an international phenomena. It was wonderful to welcome

Humanity is Waking Up!

All eyes are on those who are standing up for life on Earth this week, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion, all bringing attention to the responsibilities of the human race that can no longer be ignored. The great awakening

Navigate your way forward with Shamanic Trance Dance!

 Energise and enrich your life … Manifest your hearts desires and keep your vibration resonating with positive energy this year with Shamanic Trance Dance. Humanity…. us the people need ‘a way’, to directly access spirit and navigate the landscape of our inner world. In these times, It’s necessary to

Make 2019 The Year Of Positivity and Expantion!

Prosper this year by taping into your positivity and expanding your spiritual abilities in 2019! This year calls us to collectively focus on the positive and the good,  Our thoughts become things!  We are creating all the things we have

Happy New Year!

Welcoming in the New Year 2019! Giving thanks today for Mother Earth and for all that she provided for us over the last year of 2018, Thank you for her beauty and Abundance. Thank you for all the lessons we

Extraordinary Benefits of Shamanic Trance Dancing!

Shamanic Trance Dance has extraordinary benefits! …. Pursuing the practice of Shamanic Trance Dance opens the door to seeing and experiencing life with a much broader perspective and encountering the Muiti dimensional aspects of physical and non physical reality, reconnecting

Wishing You A Magical Night! And a Good Celebration of your Ancestors!

Samhain Blessings! Honouring The Day of The Dead! Giving thanks for this day of remembering our Ancestors! Of remembering all those you have walked before us, so we can be here now and experience life! Thank you to our Mothers

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