Dimitris Voutsinas

Dimitris Voutsinas

Dimitris is a musician based in Athens, Greece. He is also a practioner of body healing, specialized in cleansing and purification of the excretory system. His interest in the mystery of the human psyche and conciounsess led him to explore different ecstatic techniques like whirling, holotropic breathwork and various shamanic traditions.

“Everything inside the Cosmos is in constant motion, everything moves. When we set our bodies in motion, so does our psyche. Shamanic trance-dance is a powerful tool for soul transformation and healing. An incredible way of going inwards and connecting with our true eternal Self, discovering our unique personal beauty and power. The experience creates a profound heart-openess which is one of the most precious gifts we can share with world”

Dimitris is holding events in:

Athens – Greece. Coming Soon!

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