Ho Great Spirit – Tuesday 5th April

Prayer of the Day.

Aho Great Spirit, Great Mystery,

Giving thanks for the eternal flame of the heart,
Giving thanks for giving us the courage to shine bright
No matter what obstacles lay in our path,
Giving thanks for the power of a smile,
A simple smile can lighten the day and lift the spirit,
May our smiles light up the world today!

I remember when I first went to India many years ago now,
One of the things that made a lasting impression on me,
Was how the peoples always had a radiant smile,
no matter how much poverty they lived in, how poor they were,
How difficult there life circumstances, their smile shone,
Giving thanks for our ability to realise how lucky we are,
And to always keep smiling!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Ho Great Spirit – Tuesday 5th April

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