Lindsey Talbott

Lindsey Talbott

Lindsey began working with Zelia in 2012 discovering the powerful doorway Shamanic Trance Dance offers into integrating and deepening her own intense spiritual journey. She has participated in the 13 Moon cycle of Shamanic Trance Dances and later journeying into the medicine of the 13 original Clan Mothers. She has also participated in the Medicine Wheel and undertaken the Munay-Ki Rites, as well as 1:1 Soul Retrieval and healing work. In 2015, Lindsey participated in the Guide and Guardian training to enable her to offer Shamanic Trance Dance, and she is now beginning to hold dances in Mid and East Devon.

Lindsey draws on many traditions, valuing the wisdom and medicine of those who have walked this path before. She finds resonance in Native American traditions, and also in her own Celtic roots and traditions.
She feels a profound connection with the land, and this suffuses her work, together with the support of the medicine wheel.
Lindsey meditates, journeys, dances, drums and makes art. She has worked as a therapist for over a decade. She and her partner are the stewards of a woodland project in East Devon, where she has a woodland sanctuary. She is concerned with what connects us, within, between and beyond ourselves. She has a commitment to working in community to support a shift in consciousness, and the creation of new social paradigms that are Love-based, rather than Fear-based. She also offers holistic talking therapy.

Lindsey holds monthly Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Events in: 

Southleigh Near Honiton UK – Click Here for more Info

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