Béatrice Rapeneau

Béatrice Rapeneau

Béa has been working for many years as a energy healer and transformational guide. She studied Kinesiology, Matrix- and Tibetain sound healing and has been trained as a paqo (guardian of the mother earth) from a group of peruvian Q’ero shamans over several years. 

Facilitating healing and transformation through keeping sacred space lies deeply in her nature.

She is here to be in service and loves to dance her life as a guardian for shamanic trance dance rituals. Her wish is to be in service in order to contribute to help raise global consciousness, facilitate healing and recover personal freedom. If we are able to connect deeply to our inner wisdom and heart, we are connect to universal flow and to that very space where everything is possible. This is the temple of great spirit inside of us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are one – we are love! Aho!

Béatrice holds Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Events in:

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