Blanka Kefer

shamanic trance dance guide and guardian

Blanka Kefer

My personal inner needs and questions carried me all my life, searching for answers and solutions until I started to walk my spiritual path more consciously. 

I attended a Sun Dance ritual in South America, that changed my life like nothing before. I realized that every moment, and every step in my life was needed, in order to enter into that experience of receiving knowledge from above, and for the first time after a very long time I felt fulfilled again. 

For the first time in my life everything that I feel, think and wish for found it’s place, it was a real coming home for my soul. 

My personal transformation had begun, my journey continued, experiencing different rituals with different healers, which brought me to Zelia and Shamanic Trance Dance. 

I am convinced by its power and how appropriate it is for everybody. 

We can all dance to heal, to feel, to dream and find the connection with the source. 

This is what I wish to make possible for everyone through Shamanic Trance Dance. 

I’m also a vision quester and a chanupa carrier, and professional photographer.

Blanka holds Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Events in: 

Vienna, Austria – Click here to find out more.

Solvenia – Coming soon

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