Shamanic Trance Dance News, Events and Adventures!

A Magical Opportunity!

We are living in a world that is awakening to love! Be courageous, be the change! My mission is to create a movement that is generated by love and connection to spirit, that takes us to a place where we

Feeling Renewed After the Shamanic Trance Dance Last Night

It was wonderful to share sacred space again with fellow brothers and sisters from the magical mountain portal of Matarrana last night. We journeyed deep into the Great Mystery, supported by our ancestors and spirit guides. we lifted up our prayers

Looking forward to Shamanic Trance Dance this weekend!

Come … Dance … The Trance shows the way…. The way back home! Fly on the wings of the Whirling Rainbow… Let go … heal, love, trust, open your heart to the beauty of your eternal soul.. The beauty that

Thank you Buddhafield!

  I have just returned back home to my little small holding in the Mattarana mountains in North East Spain, after a truly wonderful and magical time at the Buddhafield festival in the UK. The theme for this years festival

Thank you to all, for a wonderful night!

We had a fantastic Shamanic Trance Dance in Valderrobres on Saturday night, we danced into the ‘Dreamtime’, accompanied by the 7 sacred directions and our spirit guides and allies. We journeyed deep to tribal sounds and strong ryhums, and lifted

Dancing with the Mystery

In ancient times, in many cultures all over the world, the people would make a ritual and dance into a trance, with intention to the rhythm of the drum. They would ritual dance as a way to connect with the

Giving thanks for the power of Dance!

Shamanic Trance Dance ritual celebrates all that we are, in all our colours, all that we have been and all that we are becoming! Dancing with the rhythm with life! As we Dance into trance, we let go of the

The Tipi Temple is up!

Preparations are underway for this summers shamanic trance dance events. One of my great joys in life is creating sacred spaces, and our new home of 12 1/2 acres has given my husband Tom and I lots of space to

Thank you for a heart warming welcome in Valderrobres!

Thank you to all the lovely people who came to my first shamanic trance dance in Valderrobres last night, Thank you Carme for your great venue and warm welcome. I feel this is the beginning of a new journey and

Spring Equinox Shamanic Trance Dance This Weekend!

Happy Spring Equinox! A time of new beginnings, I am so looking forward to holding shamanic trance dance ritual in Valderrobes for the first time this weekend! It feels like a new beginning! Sharing what I love doing the most