Waking up in the 5th world! The New Paradigm

Humanity is Waking Up!

All eyes are on those who are standing up for life on Earth this week, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion, all bringing attention to the responsibilities of the human race that can no longer be ignored. The great awakening

Navigate your way forward with Shamanic Trance Dance!

 Energise and enrich your life … Manifest your hearts desires and keep your vibration resonating with positive energy this year with Shamanic Trance Dance. Humanity…. us the people need ‘a way’, to directly access spirit and navigate the landscape of our inner world. In these times, It’s necessary to

The most powerful and effective Life changer- The secret to a happy life!

By using this powerful and effective secret, you can be a life changer now! The key to creating and maintaining positive life change is simple… However it does require an important daily commitment.. Lucky the commitment is fun and fulfilling

Activate your Intuition!

Do you Listen to your intuition? How many times have you known something and not acted on it? Only to find out later that following what you felt would have been a good idea! How many times has your intuition

A Magical Opportunity!

We are living in a world that is awakening to love! Be courageous, be the change! My mission is to create a movement that is generated by love and connection to spirit, that takes us to a place where we

Message from the Grandmothers

The Grandmothers speak …. “Together with the Twelve of us, you make Thirteen ” Many times over the past few months the Grandmothers said to me, “This is the end of an era.” And though I didn’t really understand what

Tuesday 8th March

Aho Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Giving thanks for this special day of the lunar solar eclipse, Giving thanks for this unique opportunity to open ourselves To the universal vibrations that come to help us in our evolution, Helping us to

Monthly Medicine

I love this ‘monthly medicine’ I found on ‘of the Wolves’ web site. March is a spiral by Lindsay Mack March is the end of a cycle. It’s a really, really big deal, and it’s going to feel pretty intense

Saturday 27th February

Aho Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Giving thanks for our ability to let go the old paradigm and worn out ways of thinking, Giving thanks for ‘new paradigm’ inspiration that came today from Vicky and Philip Argyle, who affirm… ‘make choices

Pele Report 30th December 2015

Check this weeks Pele Report with Kaypahca! Interesting view of the coming year! In my search for clarity, truth and light, A very good place to start, Is to own my projections and self delusions, And stop pretending to be