Shamanic Trance Dance News, Events and Adventures!

IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE TODAY! THRIVE IN THESE CHANGING TIMES! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE TODAY! THRIVE IN THESE CHANGING TIMES! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Shamanic Trance Dancing helps us to live in balance and harmony, and stay strong and healthy by keeping our connection to the Earth and our Spiritual Essence alive and thriving! IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIVE TODAY! DON’T MISS THIS

Shamanic Trance Dance LIVE ONLINE on FRIDAY NIGHT!

We go LIVE in less than 48 hours for the Online Shamanic Trance Dance on the New Moon! with Zelia  SIGN UP NOW! New Moon magic! A super fantastic time to Shamanic Trance Dance! Raise your Energy… Attune with the

Shamanic Trance Dance -Live On Line This Friday – with Zelia

The Shamanic Trance Dance ritual process and techniques invoke a trance like state provoking a dynamic process of awakening and remembering. Ancient ancestors, medicine men, shamans and priestesses went into ‘trance’ as a way to contact the ‘spirits’ and speak with

Ready for <<< SOUL EVOLUTION >>> ?

Have you experienced trauma of some kind, either recently or in the past?Are you looking for a way to move forward, heal and find what’s missing? Join me this year on an ESSENTIAL SOUL HEALING QUEST, to heal the wounds of

Its time for some serious

This is the year ! Its 2020 and its time to anchor the whirling rainbow of wholeness and unity…. >>>>>> I have something magical in the offering that will assist you on your path >>>>>>>>>>>>> Vision Quest >>>>>>>>>>> Let me introduce you to

We are DANCING around the WORLD!

I am are delighted to share that more and more people are feeling the call to join our shamanic trance dance tribe and become guides and guardians, as a result there are more shamanic trance dance rituals happening in new

Dance is Medicine for the Soul, Liberation for The Body, and a chance to stop thinking and just ‘BE’!

Embark on a magical inner journey of discovery, transformation, expansion, realisation, liberation, and healing….. Come and participate in Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual and see the rewards flow through your life!…. Increase confidence and self-esteem, feel invigorated, uplifted and revitalized. Find clarity and

Make 2019 The Year Of Positivity and Expantion!

Prosper this year by taping into your positivity and expanding your spiritual abilities in 2019! This year calls us to collectively focus on the positive and the good,  Our thoughts become things!  We are creating all the things we have

Shamanic Trance Dance Training Prep is underway!

Preparations are well underway here at Tribal Hearts for the Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian Training beginning on the 20th April. I am looking forward to magical and transformative 9 days. Initiating new guides and guardians and sharing wisdom

Spring Special Offer!

Seize the moment,..The time is now ! Spring into action, Sign up for the Shamanic Trance Dance Training – April 20th – 30th Special Offer £50 discount until 6th March Actualise your potential! Come and Dance the Magic into your