Ho Great Spirit – Tuesday 3rd May

Prayer of the Day – Monday 3rd May
Aho Great Spirit, Great Mystery,

Giving thanks for the sacred breath of life,
Giving thanks for the precious gift of breathing,
Giving thanks for the slow and steady breath that centres our being,
And brings peace and tranquility to the body, mind and soul,
Giving thanks to the breath of fire that stimulates and raises our energy, and brings renewal, transformation and vision,
Giving thanks for the breath that fills our lungs, beats out heart,
Moves our blood, and feeds our organs,
Giving thanks and praise for the miracle of Air on our planet,
And for all the life it creates and sustains,
Praying and Giving thanks that we remember to take care our atmosphere,
Praying that there will always be pure air for our children’s children’s children, for now and all future generations to come,
Blessed be the Air!
Enjoy Breathing Today!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Breath of life

Ho Great Spirit – Tuesday 3rd May

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