Ho Great Spirit – Monday 2nd May

Prayer of the Day – Monday 2nd May
Aho Great Spirit, Great Mystery,

Giving thanks to beloved Mother Earth
Giving thanks that she is enveloping us with her beauty
At this vibrant time of year,
Giving thanks for the sweet sent of May flowers,
Giving thanks for the buzzing of the bee’s and fluttering butterfly’s,
Giving thanks for all the colours, forna and so many shades of green,
Giving thanks for all her grace, care and love,
As she watches over all her children,
Giving thanks that she gives us such a beautiful home,
Giving thanks that we can learn to tender, take care and look after her
And her magical garden,
Giving thanks that we can love and respect her, as she deserves!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Mother Earth

Ho Great Spirit – Monday 2nd May

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