Open the Door on this NEW MOON to NEW DREAMS with WISDOM KEEPER!

Open the door on this New Moon to new dreams with Wisdom Keeper, in ancient days the New Moon in February was the time to dream the new cycle of into being, as mother nature beings to gently stir from deep slumber, and enters the dream time the space between sleep and awake.

This is the moment to enter your inner sacred landscape of conscious dreaming, the ceremony of Shamanic Trance Dance takes you to this place that dwells with, into the cosmic universal field of the dream time where energy, spirit, visions, answers and possibility exists. Our imagination is the magic component that creates the bridge to all other worlds and dimensions that exist within.

The invitation to journey with Wisdom Keeper begins on the New Moon, as she introduces herself and shares her gifts. As governess of the Lunar cycle of February she will continue to work with us, climaxing on the Full Moon we will go deeper with her, as she brings her medicine into the full brilliant light of the Full Moon, for us to dance and work deeply with, for the benefit of our inner harmony.

Through the remeberance of ancient teachings, bought forth through the Shamanic Trance Dance Ceremony, we recognise all that lives within and we become wiser, conscious, spiritual beings embracing and embodying human experience.


Live Online with Zelia

Wednesday Night 11th February 2021

Time: 7 – 9pm in UK

20.00 – 22.00 European time.

Follow the link in the box below to sign up and find out more! 

If you live in a time zone that is incompatible with the start time, or you can’t make the event, continue to sign up and Zelia will send you a link to view the live recording after the event, so that you can still take part. Duration will be around 2 hours

I look forward to welcoming you in the Mother Ship Tipi to dance with me, on the NEW and FULL MOON with WISDOM KEEPER this months clan mother.
I highly recommend joining both events for a full rounded understanding and embodiment of wisdom keeper.

Sign up now for the NEW MOON on 11th February.

Sign up for the full moon will be available 1 week before the event which is on the 28th February.


Open the Door on this NEW MOON to NEW DREAMS with WISDOM KEEPER!