Sarah Birdsall


Sarah Birdsall

Looking back, I think that I have always been intrigued by human behavior, the nature of suffering & finding answers to life’s deeper questions. Throughout my adult life I’ve had a sense of looking for something but not really knowing what. I studied psychology, and that wasn’t it! I’ve had the great privilege to be the mother of three children who have been truly amazing teachers on my path and challenged my beliefs and assumptions in the most unexpected ways.

My ‘seeking’ intensified around the age of 40 and I found myself reading literature from all spiritual disciplines. At the same time I undertook counsellor training & through my counselling work, my personal counselling and other self-development opportunities, I recognised that beneath the surface issues, we’re all asking the same question- ‘who am I?’. And then, one hot July day in 2008, I and a group of friends arrived at Zelia’s tipi in the woods for our first Shamanic Trance Dance. I had no idea what to expect, but was open-minded & I had an indescribably profound experience. This was it! I realised that I had been seeking on an intellectual level, but now I had discovered direct and intensely personal experience of The Great Mystery .

Since then I have taken every opportunity to Shamanic Trance Dance, monthly rituals in Glastonbury, personal and Medicine Wheel retreats, & dancing with the Clan Mothers (another series of Zelia’s workshops) as well as receiving the Munay Ki rites. These experiences have given me deep insight, understanding and healing on all areas of life I’ve chosen to focus on, and my journey continues.

I believe passionately that whatever our circumstances or history, we have the capacity to heal, learn & grow towards greater authenticity and love, and Shamanic Trance Dance is an amazing tool to facilitate this. I am honoured and excited to take Zelia’s wonderful teachings forward to offer you the transformational experience of Shamanic Trance Dance.

Sarah holds monthly Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Events in: 

Taunton UK – Click for Info

Weston-Super-Mare UK – Click for Info


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