Activate your Intuition!

Activate Intuition

Do you Listen to your intuition?
How many times have you known something and not acted on it? Only to find out later that following what you felt would have been a good idea!

How many times has your intuition proven itself to be a reliable source of knowing the right action or decision to take?

How many times will do we discount our intuitive ability’s deeming them as’ oh it’s just my imagination’ before we take notice?

Why do we regard our brain, which is likened to a computer, sending electrical signals to our body to ensure functionality, and a memory bank of programs based on experiences of the past within this life time, more than we regard our intuition that comes from the knowing wisdom of our soul that has lifetimes of experience to draw from, and is part of Creation itself!

Why are we so afraid to put our trust in our soul? its rather ironic, as it’s the only thing about us that continues beyond this life, it’s the only thing we take with us, and it’s the only thing that is eternal.

Shamanic Trance Dance has helped me to strengthen my intuition and has given me the courage to listen and follow my inner knowing wisdom.

As part of the Shamanic Trance Dance we focus an intention at the beginning of the ritual,
For example an intention you choose could be something that you wish to work on, or bring into your life, or a question you would like to answer.

I decided to choose ‘fully activate intuition’ as an intention.

I was surprised at the results showing up within myself and my life after the dance. I noticed more synchronicity’s occurring, when I felt something intuitively l felt it so strongly that it was impossible to ignore,
I felt myself naturally acting on, and trusting my intuitiveness.

I noticed a big shift in the area where I would doubt myself, and felt a significant change in my confidence to listen, know and follow what I know from the inside. I think I had a tendency to give my power away to things/ people/ situations on the outside!

I now pay much more attention to signs that I see in nature, the signals that come from my body, the messages that come in a variety of different ways, from a friend relating or something I might see or hear that catches me on the peripheral.

Many years have gone by since that dance which transformed my relationship with my intuition.
I am grateful for this beautiful gift of intuition and how my soul communicates to me my ancient wisdom and inner knowing.

Life is magical!

By Zelia Pye

Would you like to Shamanic Trance Dance and activate your intuition?

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Activate your Intuition!

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