Bahar Subasi Celen

I am a full time lover of life, nature, beauty, dance, music, art and magic. If I were to describe myself with one sentence, this would be it.
All my life I danced between the worlds. I am a bridge between seeming dualities, integrating them all and embracing the fullness of the whole: science and art, left brain and right brain, mystical and practical, East and West, maiden mother maga and crone all embodied… As a natural mystic, artist and healer, I had the blessed opportunity to acquire also formal education and training in these, giving me a solid foundation and profundity that I love. I am a medical doctor, holistic and integrative psychiatrist and a dynamic energy healer. A lifelong dancer of all genres, I am also a lifelong student of Sufism, intrinsic to the sacred lands I come from. In the more recent decades, I have been a student of Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Tantra and Shamanism. A singer, painter and poet, I am passionate about art and in particular dance as a way to healing, wellness and wholeness. I trained as facilitator/ teacher of various Healing Dances and offer these to my patients, clients and all interested as beautiful embodied explorations of our infinite nature. I hold space for processes of awakening their inner healers.
Dance is for me the most powerful medicine to come back to the body, to connect with the self deeply, on sensual, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels. I experienced that it is this connection that opens us up for connection with others, all creation and source of all creation. For me dance is a way of encountering self, others, life without judgment and pre-conceived notions. Love to self, others, life and all that is starts right there. Dance makes us feel awake and alive, opens us up to our heart wisdom and transforms us. For me dance is the flame of life burning passionately inside.
Shamanic Trance Dance has a special place in my heart. I love the direct, simple and down to earth nature of it, along with the infinite experience potential it open us up to. I love that the benevolence of Spirit holds us, enabling our inner self to guide us, in the most gentle yet powerful way, in these dancing journeys into mystery. I love that there are no instructions, guided visualizations, methodologies, no interference of any kind from the outside.
Currently I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I run my regular classes and workshops here and sometimes one off events in my home country Turkey. My dream is to offer my events as workshops and retreats in sites of beauty, inspiration, healing and power of our fascinating planet. I particularly love to drop in and connect in the holding of the land, each place offering its own unique gift, along with the universal symphony that constantly communicates with us. I am very much inspired and invigorated by life, loving her as the best and most profound teacher.

Bahar holds regular Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Events in:

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