Extraordinary Benefits of Shamanic Trance Dancing!

Shamanic Trance Dance has extraordinary benefits! ….
Pursuing the practice of Shamanic Trance Dance opens the door to seeing and experiencing life with a much broader perspective and
encountering the Muiti dimensional aspects of physical and non physical reality, reconnecting our original animist way of ‘seeing’.

From the beginning of human existence our animistic way of seeing has played a big role In our human evolution, are ability to imagine, to dream, has created the world we live in, just think of all the inventions that started with an idea that came from our imagination.

An Animistic way of seeing, means seeing not just the 3D physical world, but also in addition seeing all the interconnectedness of the spirit world and how the two worlds continuously relate, the primordial essence of the dream world is feminine, and the masculine primordial essence is the world of the physical.

The spirit world is the dream world,
Where we go when we dream during sleep and where we can consciously journey to by going into a trance.

Shamanic people have done this for thousands of years, in order to help the tribe navigate life and bring results into the physical like healing for example.

These ancient peoples lived a sacred way of life with balanced male and female sides,
They kept the balance by honouring the feminine, the Mother Earth and there connection with the other world dream time, and honoured there connection to the active physical masculine.
To them the physical and spirit world overlapped and were intertwined, which enabled them to see the interconnectedness of all life, they saw everything as being animated, not just soild physical reality, but also the world of energy, spirit and feeling.

Now Is the time to come back into balance, we need to balance are masculine and feminine sides, in order to be happy whole human beings who live in balance with all living things! The survival of the human race depends on it!

Shamanic Trance Dancing is the miracle cure that brings us back into balance! When we participate in this dance, it automatically balances the two hemispheres of the brain, the left and the right, the masculine and feminine!
We are a Tribe of Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians holding ritual events for you to come and experience this extraordinary Dance!

Our tribe is growing worldwide….
Check out our Ritual Events page to see what’s On!

written by Zelia Pye
photo – Zelia and her friend Jackie the Jackdaw.

Extraordinary Benefits of Shamanic Trance Dancing!

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