Happy New Year!


Welcoming in the New Year 2019!
Giving thanks today for Mother Earth and for all that she provided for us over the last year of 2018,
Thank you for her beauty and Abundance.
Thank you for all the lessons we received that has helped us to grow.

Thank you Great Mystery for all life,
And for the wonder of this life,
Thank you for all the opportunities, for the many varied experiences and splendid colours.
Honouring and feeling grateful for the plants, trees, and stones, for the rivers, streams and oceans, for the mountains and valleys, forests and deserts, for the creature beings that fly, swim, creep, crawl and walk, the four legged’s, and the two legged’s, our bothers and sisters the human family.
Giving thanks for the continuity of life, as we step into the New Year I wish you all a marvellous Celebration tonight!
may the coming year bring us all we need to nurture ourselves and the Earth, may this new year be an opportunity to to walk consciously, with respect for ourselves, each other and all living things.
May we carry the light of love and peace in our hearts the whole year through!
Love and gratitude to you all and to all my relations.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Happy New Year!

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