Humanity is Waking Up!

All eyes are on those who are standing up for life on Earth this week, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion, all bringing attention to the responsibilities of the human race that can no longer be ignored. The great awakening is gaining momentum, the old world of separation is falling away and illumination is on the way, we are realising that we our part of an all encompassing planetary family, The human tribe being the most recent arrival is being encouraged to take responsibility for our actions locally and globally and to be accountable and considerate to all the other creatures, life forms and future generations that also share our space and planet. 
It’s really not a big ask is it? Is it really that hard to be simply asked to think of others and the consequences when devising  plans, making decisions, taking action? 
While all this is going on, I am preparing sacred space for the Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian Training, I wait with excitement and enthusiasm for the arrival of our new tribal members, I’m looking forward to 9 days of sharing sacred space, passing on wisdom teachings and dancing deep into trance. 
The shamanic trance dance tribe Is a growing tribe of women and men, from different backgrounds, cultures and countries, with a mission to bring this much needed dance, to our fellow brothers and sisters around the world, who feel it’s time to transform, expand, heal and grow.Shamanic trance dance Dance re establishes our earth and spirit connection and brings us back into balance and harmony with ourselves and all life around us. Dance…. There are no steps… Just find your Rhythm and let go… Trance… takes us to a place deep inside where all questions, answers, creativity and knowing lives, this is the space where we fully realise all that we are and receive all that we need.Shamanic…. (Who we were before egocentricity and capitalism arrived!)The sacred space we hold during the dance aids the remembrance of our animistic origins and reconnects the dots of the vast evolutionary process we are undergoing as an individual, as a  species and as part of a collective of life on Earth. 
I’m so looking forward to the days ahead and welcoming everyone who’s coming. 
Feeling a sense of deep gratitude for all those standing up for what is right for the planet, as ‘we’ (every single life form) plays our part in the process of awakening, Watching and participating as the prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow Warriors unfolds and the world of illumination is born!

 Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Humanity is Waking Up!