Navigate your way forward with Shamanic Trance Dance!

 Energise and enrich your life …

Shamanic Trance Dance Dancer

Manifest your hearts desires and keep your vibration resonating with positive energy this year with Shamanic Trance Dance.

Humanity…. us the people need ‘a way’, to directly access spirit and navigate the landscape of our inner world.

In these times, It’s necessary to have a way to find our truth, to be able to find our own answers to important questions, that are free from the conditioning of our past both personally and collectively.

We are people, who need a way to find our greatest joy,  to heal our wounds, to receive visions and inspirations that are heart led, rather than mind orientated, which brings us directly to our purpose and offers clear guidance. 

We need to learn how to surrender and let go of control, in a way that feels safe, enabling us to get out of the way, so that spirit can orchestrate and weave magic for us! 

The way forward doesn’t have difficult, we need to wipe away ‘struggle’,  as it’s part of the old world that is dying, in order to embrace ‘ease’ and ‘grace’, as the foundations of our new world.

This is why I know in my heart that Shamanic Trance Dance, is important for the new world we are creating, 
Because it delivers us ‘A WAY’…with grace and with ease!

It’s the cure and the medicine, to be empowered and achieve your purpose and greatest potential! 

It’s this understanding and knowledge, that drives my passion to share Shamanic Trance Dance with you, and raise A TRIBE! 

Shamanic Trance Dance has lots of exciting offerings for you this year!

Our Shamanic Trance Dance Tribe is growing, which means we now have rituals being held in more locations in the UK and in Europe,  Armando is now holding rituals in Brighton, we also have Nic in Bristol, Sarah in Taunton, Mel in Glastonbury, Corinne in Compton Martin, Sitke in Totnes, Lindsey in Honiton and Kalindi in Somerset.
This year plans are afoot for Tess, who’s going to be holding rituals in London, Beatrice in Switzerland and Blanka in Austria and Slovenia.

Shamanic Trance Dance guide and guardians

It feels so important to be bringing Shamanic Trance Dance to more places, so more people can really benefit from this profoundly transformative dance.

I am so grateful, to all those who are feeling the call to come and work with the Shamanic Trance Dance and hold there own rituals, as I know in my heart, that it’s what people really need, as we enter into the new territory and raise our consciousness. 

We welcome you to come to our Shamanic Trance Dance events, training’s or longer programs this year and see ‘THE WAY’ for yourself!

Follow the links for:
Coming Ritual Events:

Shamanic Trance Dance Training:

Other Shamanic Trance Dance
Transformational Programs:

I have a last minute cancellation for the Shamanic Trance Dance training 26th to 6th May 2019, so there is a suddenly an opportunity to come on the training this spring! .. Please contact me ASAP  if you feel the call to come and train in the Art of Shamanic Trance Dance!

Also there is still a place left for our Vision Quest, happening in October this year, get in touch if your interested, or follow the link to find out more…

Zelia Shamanic Trance Dance

Wishing you a very positive and prosperous year ahead! 

In the spirit of love and respect


Navigate your way forward with Shamanic Trance Dance!

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