Its time for some serious

This is the year ! Its 2020 and its time to anchor the whirling rainbow of wholeness and unity….

>>>>>> I have something magical in the offering that will assist you on your path >>>>>>>>>>>>> Vision Quest >>>>>>>>>>>


Let me introduce you to one of my greatest Teachers….. she is most ancient and wise, wild and untamed,
She is all knowing and contains precious things, for within her lies great treasures that man wishes to obtain, let that not be man’s demise… let us wake up! and fully realise! All that we owe to our beloved, all knowing, wise, home maker and teacher Mother Earth!

I present the opportunity to Vision Quest, spend uninterrupted time, observing, listening and being with Mother nature “The Greatest Teacher on Earth” and one of the best in the Universe! Be held in her arms, caressed by her healing ways, guided by her wisdom, astounded by her vision and relieved by her instruction….

Follow the link to Find out more about our Shamanic Trance Dance  < Vision Quest >

Its time for some serious

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