Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual


NEW MOON Shamanic Trance Dance LIVE ONLINE TOMORROW NIGHT with Zelia    We often have times in our lives where we need clarity and to sort out the dead wood in the Trees!The New Moon is the perfect opportunity for this


NEW MOON Shamanic Trance Dance TUESDAY 11th May LIVE ONLINE! IT’S ALL IN THE DANCE!!!! This month we are Dancing with LISTENING WOMAN Shamanic Trance Dance with Zelia live online to uplift, renew and connect with the hidden treasure that lies

New Moon – Shamanic Trance Dance – with Zelia – 17th September 2020

Shamanic Trance Dance with Zelia live online and dive deep within to uplift, renew and connect with the treasure that lies within yourself! Treat yourself this month …. to time and space to …. dance, journey, connect, express, intuit, remember

24 hours to go!….NEW MOON Shamanic Trance Dance! with Zelia

SIGN UP NOW! For a magical night dancing with the energy of the New Moon. Act Now so you don’t miss out! It’s just 24 hours to go, until we go LIVE Online for this months New Moon Shamanic Trance

Shamanic Trance Dance Online – NEW MOON – 20th July – with Zelia

Shamanic Trance Dance Online – NEW MOON – 20th July – with Zelia

The New Moon will soon be here again! Join me in the Mother Ship Tipi,around the sacred fire, for this months Shamanic Trance Dance New Moon – Live Online. The New Moon is a perfect time to connect with Spirit, Tap into your

Shamanic Trance Dance EXTRAVAGANZA WEEKEND! with Zelia – 20th – 21st June – DANCING WITH THE SUN AND MOON!

LIVE ONLINE with ZELIA EVENT 1- SUMMER SOLSTICE – WHIRLING RAINBOW – SHAMANIC TRANCE DANCE – Dancing Together for Life, Love Unity and Equality! SUMMER SOLSTICE – 20th June 2020 Lets DANCE! We dance on Summer Solstice the Suns peak on Earth

Ready for <<< SOUL EVOLUTION >>> ?

Have you experienced trauma of some kind, either recently or in the past?Are you looking for a way to move forward, heal and find what’s missing? Join me this year on an ESSENTIAL SOUL HEALING QUEST, to heal the wounds of

Its time for some serious

This is the year ! Its 2020 and its time to anchor the whirling rainbow of wholeness and unity…. >>>>>> I have something magical in the offering that will assist you on your path >>>>>>>>>>>>> Vision Quest >>>>>>>>>>> Let me introduce you to

We are DANCING around the WORLD!

I am are delighted to share that more and more people are feeling the call to join our shamanic trance dance tribe and become guides and guardians, as a result there are more shamanic trance dance rituals happening in new

Its all in the DANCE!

The shamanic trance dance ritual reminds us that we are not victims of a doom and gloom society.  The dance teaches us that we are powerful, and possess incredible creative potential, when we learn how to direct our intention to