Rites Of Passage

Shamanic Retreat

19th to 27th October 2023
The 13 Mystical Stages Of Our Spiritual & Physical Evolution

with Zelia Pye

”Awareness of the Circle of Life helps transform the experience of crisis into an opportunity for knowledge and growth. Recognition of theses opportunities empowers us to share the wisdom and value of the thirteen rites of passage, understanding that these are not random events but rather a spiritual map to higher consciousness” …Frank Natale

The 13 rites of passage, mark points of transformation in the inevitable journey we all go through in life, regardless of culture, background or spiritual believes. This powerful map brings understanding and clarify’s when and why we experience life crisis, spiritual peaks and initiation and brings alternative approaches to help us navigate life.

In fact just having this knowledge creates a real break through moment, where by instead of struggling to walk uphill blindfolded, trying to figure out ‘what is happening to me?’ or ‘what is going on?’ One can for the first time really ‘see’ the bigger picture and context of what is occurring and understand that we are circling through these natural passages that are designed to help us evolve and become mature wise human beings.

This Powerful retreat program is designed to empower you with knowledge for what is inevitable, better to be informed and prepared than walking blind. For most of us born outside of an ancient tradition, where these rites were performed ceremonially, the chances are that these pivotal moments of initiation have passed you by unconsciously, which can create a malfunction in the maturing process. However all is not lost! This retreat presents you with a profound opportunity to revisit and go through these initiatory passages consciously, with awareness, understanding and prior knowledge.

This is an opportunity to create a really profound turning point in your life. Empowering yourself with knowledge, tools, understanding, soulful healing and potent transformation.

You will experience powerful ceremony as we navigate and go through each Rite of Passage and initaitaion.

Among the ceremony’s will be the Inipi Sweat Lodge and Shamanic Trance Dance , as well as secret rituals and healing rites to surprise and delight you.

”Everything, the power of the world, is done in a circle. The Sky is round and i have heard the Earth is round like a ball and so are the stars;the wind in its greatest power whirls, birds make their nests in circles for theirs is the same religion as ours. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to adulthood and so it is in everything where power moves.” ….Black Elk, Dakota Elder.

To ensure an intimate, precious and memorable journey there will be no more than 7 fellow participants, you will be held in the loving arms of mother nature, living close to the earth and eating home grown organic food from our vegetable garden during your stay.

Location: North East Spain. Our Tribal Hearts Tipi Camp, is pure nature bliss, situated within a stunning mountain landscape, with a smattering of medieval villages.

Travel: Tribal Hearts is easily reached by bus from Barcelona airport. Click Here for details.

Investment: Price all Inclusive! Includes all ceremonies and teachings, Tipi or bell Tent accommodation all meals and drinks, pickup from the local bus stop. (Does not include all other travel costs.)

Price: for Shared Tipi accommodation: £697

Price: for Single Tipi / Bell Tent Accommodation: £797

Non refundable deposit is required to reserve your place: £234


Click Above and follow payment procedure to secure your place and pay the non refundable deposit. The remaining fee is due 3 months prior to start date. Once Payment has been made you will receive an email with confirmation details, travel and what you need to bring information.

Arial is on the start date 19th October, the retreat begins the following day and commences for 7 days, departure is on the final date 27th October

If you have any questions Zelia welcomes you on a Zoom call, Click Here to arrange a call.

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