Shamanic Trance Dance -Live On Line This Friday – with Zelia

Shamanic trance dance

The Shamanic Trance Dance ritual process and techniques invoke a trance like state provoking a dynamic process of awakening and remembering.

Ancient ancestors, medicine men, shamans and priestesses went into ‘trance’ as a way to contact the ‘spirits’ and speak with the ‘Creator’ to evoke and inspire their strength wisdom and beauty.

The dynamic synthesis of the shamanic trance dance ritual, creates the perfect ambiance, to be taken on a powerful inner journey into the sacred ‘Presence’. Wherein from the perspective of shamanism exists all things: ideas, creativity, answers, past, present and future, in shamanic terms it is called the ‘dreamtime’ or ‘looking within place’ that dwells inside all of us.

It is here in the ‘dreamtime’ where it is possible to expand your perception, to perceive what is the truth for your life, empowering you to navigate and make decisions that are in perfect harmony with your genuine self, Inspiring a journey of self-discovery and exploration within the Great Mystery.

Shamanic trance dance

Join Zelia on this Friday’s New Moon – 22nd May for a live online Shamanic Trance Dance!

Follow this link to sign up:

Shamanic Trance Dance -Live On Line This Friday – with Zelia
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