NEW MOON Shamanic Trance Dance


   We often have times in our lives where we need clarity and to sort out the dead wood in the Trees!The New Moon is the perfect opportunity for this inner work, clearing out the old to make way for the new! So that we can use our energy clearly and productively. However we need to make time in our lives for this process to take shape, like any good gardener we need to spend time nurturing our inner garden. Shamanic Trance Dancing with the Moon creates the perfect opportunity for you to make time and space enabling you to take care of your inner life.

When we take the time to listen to our inner voice, we are able to find depth, greater meaning and birth ourselves anew in the ever changing tapestry of life.  Through the specific elements we use in the Shamanic Trance Dance you are able to easily enter a Trance state where by hearing your inner voice becomes possible, in a busy, chaotic world full of mind chatter and opinions, it can be hard to hear the guidance that comes from your inner voice and the part of yourself that knows the answers, and knows how to navigate the best route to your desired destination in life. This is the power of Shamanic Trance Dance, it will help you to enter the stillness and find what you are looking for.

 The Shamanic Trance Dance helps us to enter the universal field of consciousness, connecting us with the web of life and the universal spirit that shapes our existence. This powerful dance leads us back to the source, where life becomes meaningful, peaceful and magical once more. So often we lose the sense of magic life has to offer, when we get bogged down with the mundane chores and mind chatter.  

 Liberate your Mind, Body and Soul … Come and Shamanic Trance Dance with me tomorrow night on the New Moon.. LIVE ONLINE  

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 I am so looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow night in the magical Mother Ship Tipi…. Zelia 🌺💃🌳