New Moon – Shamanic Trance Dance – with Zelia – 17th September 2020

Shamanic Trance Dance with Zelia live online and dive deep within to uplift, renew and connect with the treasure that lies within yourself!

Treat yourself this month …. to time and space to …. dance, journey, connect, express, intuit, remember and realise….. Shamanic Trance Dance is a powerful Dance to help you find answers, truth, healing and so much more..


Live Online with Zelia

Thursday Night 17th September 2020

Time: 7 – 9pm in UK 20.00 – 22.00 European time.

Follow the link to sign up and find out more!

Join Zelia around the Scared fire in the Mother Ship tipi on the New Moon, the moment to focus your intention for success!

If you live in a time zone that is incompatible with that time, or you can’t make the event, Zelia will send you a link to view the live recording after the event, so that you can still take part. Duration will be around 2 hours.

I’ m really looking forward to dancing on the New Moon once again with this months Clan Mother – Setting Sun Woman, the 13 Original Clan Mothers are archetypal forces for each Lunar Moon and cycles of truth. They help us to re-connect and remember the ancient feminine wisdom inherent in all living things, that is rising in our consciousness once again! 

Join me to dive deep into your inner wisdom and spirit intelligence with Shamanic Trance Dance!

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New Moon – Shamanic Trance Dance – with Zelia – 17th September 2020